Who We Are…

Who We Are

GCIS is an information management company specializing in geographic information systems and business consulting. Our projects span the GIS spectrum and a diversity of industries. We are often sought out for geospatial data management, data mining services, database design and implementation, and Web-based mapping application development.  We are also a member of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation.

What We Do…

What We Do

CGIS provides its clients with practical solutions based on professional geospatial and business experience.  We offer non-proprietary GIS solutions built on industry-standard GIS software, including open-source GIS platforms.  For a complete listing of the services we provide just Click Here.

Where We Are Located…

Where We Are Located

We are a South Carolina-based company that is Small Business Enterprise certified in Charleston County, which is where we call home.  We can be reached by phone at 843-846-8444 or by emailing admin@cornerstonegis.net.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to talk about your next project.

About Cornerstone GIS

Cornerstone GIS, LLC was founded in 2006 by Candice and Joshua Chastain.  The company is based in Charleston, South Carolina, but has done work throughout the country.

Since starting to offer services in 2006, CGIS has worked with many clients, both large and small, to leverage geospatial technology, manage location-based data and information, disseminate data and information more effectively, improve operating efficiency, accelerate marketing initiatives, improve decision-making processes, and much, much more.  Let us show you how geospatial technology can benefit your organization.

Joshua Chastain, GISP
Founder & GIS Lead

CGIS globe GIS Professionals

CGIS is a geospatial information management firm providing geospatial services to a diverse group of industries. To learn more about the industries we serve just click here. We specialize in information management, application development, and business consulting. In the era of big data and information, CGIS assists our clients in accessing, managing and leveraging the data and information pertinent to achieving their business goals.

CGIS globe Our Capabilites

Our offices are fully networked and integrated with capabilities in Esri’s ArcGIS software suite, QGIS, Adobe Connect, and other software packages that assist in providing a full range of geospatial and presentation capabilities. Surveying and layout work is done with electronic distance meter total stations and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). We also have several organizations that we work very closely with on projects involving aerial imagery acquisition and LiDAR acquisition.

GIS Layers

CGIS globe Our Mission

CGIS staff is committed to providing our clients with practical solutions based on professional geospatial analysis and experience. All work is overseen by a nationally certified GIS Professional and select staff members maintain U.S. Government security clearances. We are constantly improving our capabilities with investments in technology and our personnel. In short, CGIS is in the business of providing solutions.

Round Table

Our Services

  • ArcGIS Server Applications
  • Cadastral/Land Management
  • Geo-Database Development & Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Marketing & Demographics Research
  • Base Mapping
  • Real Estate & Business Mapping
  • Routing/Network Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Spation Analysis & Modeling
  • Utility Management
  • Web-based Services
  • Site Selection & Prioritization
  • Site Suitability Modeling
  • Geospatial Data Acquisition & Creation
  • Cartographic Services
  • 3D Visualization
  • Custom Application Development
  • GIS Integration & Consulting

Featured Work

CGIS is providing geographic information systems (GIS), data mining, and application development services to lending organizations across the southeast. Our services are supporting marketing and appraisal departments in ways never before imagined, and perhaps most importantly freeing up human resources within the organization allowing them to redirect that work effort and leverage the data and information now being provided by CGIS.As providers of financial services, including loans for real estate, agriculture, rural homes, equipment, buildings and commercial operations, these organizations are very interested in tracking ownership of everything from large acreage tracts of land to smaller tracts that are classified agricultural. Information about such tracts of land, including those that have been sold in the last few years, is available to the public, but is often very time-consuming to find and extract into a format that is usable.

Completed tasks include the design of physical data models around required property search information, building SQL Server databases around those physical data models for storing the property search information, and developing and implementing Web-based portals for accessing, querying and analyzing the property search information. Our data portals are secure, contain a map window for displaying property location and condition, and provide critical ownership information to both marketing and appraisal personnel.

CGIS is also providing GIS support to meet specific needs within the appraisal departments of these organizations. Appraisers must keep a record of properties used for comparable sales and properties offered as collateral for a specific mortgage. In addition, there is a tremendous amount of available spatial information that if accessible can prove beneficial to their day-to-day business processes, making them more efficient in the use of their time and thus a greater asset within the organization. CGIS is responsible for master GIS map documents, including base map data, property feature and attribute data management, derivation of new feature and attribute data, and spatial data analysis (e.g. buffering, proximity analysis). Master map documents and associated spatial and tabular data is updated and distributed at regular time intervals to those who are authorized to use it.

Other GIS services being provided by CGIS include GIS interoperability, GIS training in the use of open source GIS software, and Web-based mapping solutions.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

The 2012 PGA Championship was searching for a unique solution on how to accurately present our hospitality packages in a more interactive fashion where our clients could literally picture themselves experiencing the hospitality products. The days of looking at pictures in sales brochures are limited, we needed something more dynamic and able to easily be shared on the web. Joshua and his team spent time listening to our ideas and created a solution from scratch showing exactly what we needed to help sell our inventory. His team’s patience, creativity, and ability to listen to our needs gives them my full recommendation. The 3-D models exceeded our expectations and provided us with a sales tool that we never had before to help us sell hospitality at the 2012 PGA Championship.
Brett Sterba, Championship Director, 2012 PGA Championship
Our GIS project was admittedly complex and had an almost unruly amount of datasets to contend with. We were immediately impressed with Cornerstone GIS’s ability to help us understand what to expect throughout the development process and what would be required to complete the project. We became even more impressed with Cornerstone’s unwavering attention to detail and commitment to ensure we had an A+ project at the end of the day.
Greg Rudolph, Shore Protection Manager, Carteret County Shore Protection Office
BES, Inc. has worked on numerous projects over the last four years with Cornerstone GIS. During this time they have demonstrated professionalism, integrity and perseverance. Joshua Chastain has demonstrated both a strong work ethic and is a dedicated team member. BES, Inc. will continue to pursue work with Cornerstone GIS as part of our long term strategic plan.
Wm. Walter Bolton, CEO/President, Beaufort Engineering Services, Inc.
We were pleased to have Cornerstone GIS assist us with mapping existing and potential trails throughout the National Coal Heritage Area, which includes thirteen counties in southern West Virginia. Their technical work on this project was outstanding but we also appreciated the work they did collecting information at a series of public meetings and engaging community members in the process. The Cornerstone staff maintained constant communication with us throughout the project and were flexible in making last minute changes. We received an excellent final product that will be useful for years to come.
Christy Bailey, Executive Director, National Coal Heritage Area