Mapping and Information Managment Partnerships

Standard Partnership

With the Standard Partnership your organization immediately gains the advantages of a highly skilled, professional geographic information systems department without the burden of the cost associated with establishing such a department. CGIS has the hardware, software, and human resources already in place, allowing your organization to immediately begin leveraging our spatial technology expertise to yield benefits across any and all disciplines.

Upon entering into this partnership CGIS will immediately ascertain the level to which spatial technology is currently being utilized within your organization. Don’t worry if the answer is none at all. We simply need this information to assist us in formulating a plan of action for moving forward. Once we have the plan of action, approved by you the client, we can begin executing action items that ultimately integrate GIS technology into your business processes. And remember, as a partner you can count on us for not only the products that we provide, but also spatial technology consulting. With 17 years of experience and expertise in geographic information systems technology, you can harbor great confidence in our ability to assist your organization in leveraging the data and analysis that we provide.

The Standard Partnership includes:
· Basic data management
· Map creation (static and living)
· Basic spatial analysis
· Spatial technology consulting
​ · An introduction to both open source and very affordable GIS software

Advanced Partnership

With the Advanced Partnership your organization receives all of the benefits of the Standard Partnership plus more advanced data management and spatial analysis. As part of this partnership we include data modeling (both logical and physical), database design and implementation, data migration, and management of metadata. We will also manage new data derived from spatial analysis and existing data sets, then we’ll show you how to leverage the new data within your organization’s existing business processes. The Advanced Partnership enters us into an advanced role as your on-call spatial technology solutions provider.

The Advanced Partnership includes:
· Advanced data management
· Map creation (static and living)
· Advanced spatial analysis
· Spatial technology consulting
​ · One-on-one GIS software training

Trailblazing Partnership

The Trailblazing Partnership is the ultimate package and provides your organization complete access to the experience and expertise that CGIS has to offer. This partnership includes all of the benefits of the Standard and Advanced Partnerships. In addition to those products and services CGIS will host and manage a Web-based interactive map for your organization. Such an application provides your organization with internet access to data and information that you deem appropriate. The mapping application can be made public or we can keep it secure, only allowing those individuals that you grant access to the ability to utilize the service.

The Trailblazing Partnership includes:
· Advanced data management
· Map creation (static and living)
· Advanced spatial analysis
· Spatial technology consulting
· One-on-one GIS software training
· Web map hosting
​ · Discounted pricing on GIS/GPS data collection


Asset Information Mapper

Geospatial information and advanced mapping are transforming the way we see and understand the world around us. Maps are a fabulous tool. They help us get around, see where we’re going, get a sense of what’s out there beyond our immediate vision, and so forth. For centuries people have found maps useful in those ways.

​Geographic information systems (GIS) harness the power of computers and data to make maps even more useful. For decades now organizations have been bringing the power of maps to bear in understanding how our world is changing. The advent of Web mapping can be regarded as a major new trend in cartography.

​Maps on the Web provide a new paradigm for how people everywhere access and use geographic information. They use GIS maps on their desktops, the Web, on tablets, and smart phones for a sophisticated range of activities to apply advanced geographic information.

​Asset Information Mapper is the call name for our Web map hosting service.A.I.M. is a multi-faceted concept that integrates asset management principles with geographic information technology (advanced mapping) to allow organizations to better organize, manage and leverage their location-based information.

The benefits of A.I.M. Web maps include:
· They work everywhere – smart phones, tablets, and Web browsers
· They reduce the need to create custom applications
· They let you tailor simple, focused user experiences to help people get there jobs done quickly and intuitively
· They provide a platform for integrating GIS with other business systems
· They enable collaboration throughout your organization, facilitating communication and optimizing the use of information about your operations and activities
· They allow organizations to properly manage all of their geographic knowledge ​
​ · They open the door for creating a participatory environment where GIS tools are made more accessible and flexible

With Asset Information Mapper, the emphasis is on access by everyone, as opposed to a few.

A.I.M. Web maps can be kept private, or immediately shared with a group of peers or the public at large.

Asset Information Mapper, Spatial Services

Level 1 – $199 per month up to 1 gig of data
Level 2 – $249 per month up to 3 gig of data
Level 3 – $299 per month up to 5 gig of data

GIS/GPS Data Collection

Good information is the foundation of sound planning and decision-making. CGIS offers extensive experience and expertise when it comes to GIS/GPS data collection and land surveying. As a spatial technology company, CGIS specializes in topographical boundaries, geodetic control surveys, digitizing, map reproduction and preparation, wetlands delineation, and dedicated online map services.

CGIS stays ahead of the competition by constantly upgrading to the most advanced technology while maintaining a commitment to quality work and growing from a wealth of experience. Collaboration between registered Professional Land Surveyors (PLS), field personnel, project managers, and survey technicians ensure that our clients receive the most efficient, thorough, and conclusive data possible. Using a combination of groundbreaking techniques and signature proficiency, our professional surveyors and state-of-the-art equipment are able to produce the most accurate maps on the market.

Whether a project involves determining topography or surveying grave sites, our survey team is more than prepared to tackle any challenge. Integrating our newly refined data communications network, high quality instruments, and professional staff, CGIS can offer an efficient solution to every project.